Unforgettable Fashion Moments from the 2023 Latin Grammys

For the 24th Latin Grammy’s Awards, Latin music’s biggest artists graced Sevilla, Spain’s royal red carpet in their most dazzling looks.

Anitta attends the 2023 Latin Grammys Awards.

The Latin Grammys 2023 showcased a magnificent blend of musical talent and fashion extravaganza as artists from around the globe gathered in Seville, Spain. The red carpet became a platform for each artist to express their unique sense of style and make a striking fashion statement.

With Karol G dazzling in a Balmain sequined dress, Rosalía stunning in a sheer black dress with feathered eyebrows, Shakira exuding elegance in a sexy skirt and gold-encrusted corset by Harris Reed, Anitta embracing sophistication in a laced red ensemble, and Danna Paola transporting us to a fairytale with her leaf-patterned dress, the red carpet was a showcase of bold and captivating looks.

Below, check out the best-dressed celebrities at the 2023 Latin Grammys.


We all know that Karol G has a unique style, and on this occasion, she delighted us on the red carpet, wearing a sequined dress from Balmain. Although the accessories are discreet, they are also mega-glam.

Karol G attends the 2023 Latin Grammys Awards.


Shakira looks stunning in a two-piece outfit by Harris Reed as she prepares to make her entrance at the Latin Grammys. Her look features a super sexy skirt and a dazzling black top with a gold-encrusted corset.

Shakira attends the 2023 Latin Grammys Awards.


Danna Paola made a bold statement on the red carpet, and it was nothing short of spectacular! She opted for a captivating dress that could easily be plucked from the pages of a fairytale, featuring a delicate leaf pattern and a palette of earthy tones. She also wore a necklace, black earrings, and stilettos with the overall colour scheme.

Danna Paola attends the 2023 Latin Grammys Awards.


The singer made a striking appearance at the event, wearing an exquisite sheer black dress, exuding an epic aura. Complementing her stellar ensemble, she wore her hair in loose waves, sported feathered eyebrows, opted for a natural makeup look, showcased white nails, and completed the ensemble with stunning stilettos.

Rosalía attends the 2023 Latin Grammys Awards.


Anitta graces the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards in Spain with an air of elegance, wearing a captivating laced red ensemble that undoubtedly captures the essence of sophistication.

Anitta attends the 2023 Latin Grammys Awards.