Ariana Grande surprised her fans when delivering an in-game concert performance

The pop singer, Ariana Grande, performed a Fortnite virtual concert on August 6th. You could see Ariana wearing her most fashionable clothing items, which were inspired in her music video “Focus”.

Ariana Grande gave us a unique virtual experience. She performed her first-ever Fornite digital concert and her fans couldn’t be happier (More on Instagram)!

“Working with Epic and Fortnite team to bring my music to life inside the game has been so fun and such an honour. I can’t wait to join my fans and see all of your reactions to such an unforgettable, magical journey to new realities”. Said Ariana.

The virtual concert is a truly fashion masterpiece since Ariana Grande wore glamorous outfits, inspired by her 2015 “Focus” music video. It is there where you could see her on a purple 60’s fantasy with similar purple/grey hair and a silver top and mini skirt.

In this virtual game, Ariana wore the iconic ponytail, high boots and mini skirt. One of these was a purple crystal superhero-goddess dress, a shiny-glitter silver top and a skirt, which matched a yellow backpack with star earrings and a tiny choker (More on Instagram).