Discover The Biggest Beauty Trends From F/W ‘23 Haute Couture Week

From Dior to Schiaparelli, designers proposed incredible beauty trends you’ll definitely want to wear this year.

Courtesy of Chanel.

Let’s embark on a journey into the captivating world of Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. We cannot help but be captivated by the blooming beauty trends that are set to dominate the upcoming fall-winter season. From the ethereal and fantastical creations of Dior to the timeless and irresistible allure of Parisian beauty showcased by Chanel, Couture Fashion Week establishes itself as the ultimate oracle when it comes to forecasting the trends that will shape the realm of beauty. Get ready to witness the future unfold before your eyes.

Haute Couture Fashion Week never fails to captivate us, not just with its mesmerizing gowns that will grace future red carpets, but also with the enchanting beauty looks that complement the fashion and ignite inspiration for our special event hair and makeup. Whether it’s for weddings, festivals, or parties, the magic of Couture Fashion Week extends beyond the runway, shaping the way we adorn ourselves for unforgettable occasions.

The crème de la crème of fashion designers and artistic directors representing the most prestigious fashion houses reveal their visions, intended to inspire and set the tone for the fashion industry. However, the haute couture shows do not solely focus on the fashion aspect of the industry. Delve into the hidden depths of these multifaceted events as we uncover the top four beauty trends that you absolutely cannot miss out on.


At Giorgio Armani Privé, the makeup emanated a delicate and enchantingly romantic atmosphere, emphasizing subtly concealed red lips. In contrast, the hairstyle was gracefully adorned with dainty swirls elegantly positioned at the forefront of the head.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Privé.


At Haute Couture Fashion Week this year, we’ve witnessed a recurring beauty trend of using eyeshadow underneath the eyes to achieve a softer definition compared to traditional eyeliner. This technique, showcased at the Chanel and Schiaparelli shows, goes beyond concealer creasing prevention and can enhance the appearance of larger eyes. It’s a trend that has made its mark throughout the year and continues to leave a lasting impression.

Courtesy of Chanel.


Despite common misconceptions, Haute Couture Fashion Week is frequently misunderstood as an exhibition dedicated exclusively to opulent and exaggerated fashion. However, one of the dominant beauty trends of the season accentuates that replicating a Haute Couture Fashion Week look is more attainable than expected.

Designers are opting to let their creations stand out independently, relying on a nude lip as the sole enhancement. The adaptability of a nude lip is demonstrated through the preferences of prestigious fashion houses such as Chanel, Schiaparelli, and Dior, as it seamlessly complements any beauty style.

Courtesy of Dior.


The cat eye makeup technique involves a skilled application to achieve precise flicks on the upper eyelid, making it an ideal choice for fashion houses like Balenciaga and Armani Privé, known for their bold and statement-making styles. As we approach the upcoming fall season, cat eye makeup emerges as a daring beauty trend that everyone can embrace, no matter the occasion.

Courtesy of Balenciaga.