Bob cut: the haircut that flatters any face and will be a trend in 2022

The bob haircut will continue to dominate the haircut trends of 2021 and 2022, but always with the most personal touch.

The Bob cut never goes out of style, and during 2021-2022, there will be no exception. It is a type of haircut that is not boring since it includes many styles within it. In addition, this beautiful and timeless haircut adapts to all face shapes and hair textures.

Moreover, the most outstanding runways in Milan have shown models wearing this haircut style in different elegant hairstyles. It clearly shows us that the bob cut is gaining strength and, more and more designers are looking for this haircut to show off their beautiful pieces on the runway. 

According to haircut stylists, Bob haircut is better suited to straight hair and wavy hair. In addition, they also say that this haircut style will undoubtedly be one of the most requested haircuts in the coming months.

This haircut style is characterized by being very agile and fresh when combing. It also adapts to all types of hair and manages to give volume to fine hair. Let’s have a look at the following bob haircut styles for 2022.

A-Line Bob with Side-Part

An A-Line bob is nowadays a trendy and modern look. If you’re a lady who comes in every 4-6 weeks, try this side-parted bob. This cut will look at its best between those weeks. Hair designer Shaina Jones says, “It’s great for women who are trying to elongate their face and make it appear that they have more volume. It’s ideal to style with fine/medium thick hair that is already straight or has some bend/texture to it.”

Layered Bob with Waves

If you want to change the appearance of a short or long bob a bit, you will be able to modify it by adding a soft wave, without having to waste much more time than it can take with a hair straightener, or dry the hair by pressing it gently with our hands.

Curly Straight-Cut Bob

Straight bobs without any layers can make your curly hair looks even more voluminous. You should try it – sometimes, girls get tired of layers, and straight hair is easier to maintain.

Curly Long Bob with Curly Bangs