Check Out the Boots Which Are Trending This Season

You can never have enough boots for the winter & here are the ones that are trending this season which might interest you.

Hermes Fall-Winter 2022/23 RTW

This year, winter has maintained its record of bringing back the trend of flashy boots along with it. Although short-lived, this trend of flashy boots is always fun. From glamour-packed fashion runways to star-studded events, boots have invaded everything. So, it became an easy catch for us to come up with this compilation to help you with your next purchase.

The latest shows, influencers, actors, pop singers, and more proposed all kinds and for all needs, from the now classic cowboy boots to those classic seventies-inspired shoes, passing through sharp boots that have been soaring in popularity recently. Other styles, such as rain boots, feel fresh and cool on pieces, making you look incredible. These styles work beautifully with – and elevate – mini and midi skirts, tailored trousers, sweater dresses, well-worn jeans, and more. And, as they are considered the “most sophisticated, versatile, and functional boots”, they work for every occasion, whether a party, meeting with a friend and more.

As fashion designers proposed what boots-style we should be wearing this season, here are the four biggest boot trends in 2023.


Celebrities, influencers, pop stars… Everyone loves them and cannot live without them. The Western-inspired “Cowboy boots” have returned to the fashion world, making a big comeback in our wardrobes. Not only can they be worn during the summer season, but also in winter. For this fall 2023 season, the traditional camperos are back with sharper lines and a minimalist style. Runway shows such as Zara, Ganni, Missoni, Isabel Marant, and more proposed beautiful cowboy boots as the new must-have items for the Fall season.

Emily Ratajkowski. Dua Lipa.

Spotted at: Zara, Ganni, Isabel Marant


Are you looking for glam, statement shoes? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect choice for you. Sharp boots feature sharp heels and toes, a strong and sexy look. They can be in classic black leather or denim, with classic or extravagant details, but they always make you shine wherever you go. Wearing sharp boots with miniskirts is a must, as Diesel proposed for its FW22 collection. You can also wear them with short dresses, leggings, or skinny pants.

Diesel, Leonie Hanne.

Spotted at: Diesel

‘70s STYLE

The seventies-inspired style is becoming popular for clothing, heels, accessories, and boots as they are the “most versatile and stylish” shoes. They can be worn on the streets, at parties, at conferences, and more. They also have warm, earthy colours like autumn foliage, a rounded toe, and a wide heel reaching below the knee.

Some fashion brands started creating their statements where high boots took centre stage. The first one to bring them back into the spotlight was Alessandro Michele for Gucci. Followed by Louis Vuitton, and Fendi.

Fendi and Louis Vuitton Fall 2022-23

Spotted at: Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Isabel Marant


Rain boots are a must-have for the upcoming season as they are becoming more and more popular among people, celebrities, influencers, and more. Wearing them one can pretend to be cool like Kate Moss or opt for the funny and chic model by JW Anderson and look stunning. Fashion brand Chanel also offered rain boots, thigh-high.

Chanel FW 2022-23, Leonie Hanne.

Spotted at: Gabriela Hearst, Dior, Ganni, Chanel