Carolina Herrera seduces with a collection that will appeal to the ‘Gen Z’ generation

The Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collection by Wes Gordon, creative director of the house, explores once again the concept of elegance and femininity with a proposal tinged with vibrant colours in which voluminous garments have taken centre stage.

Bravery, confidence and, exuberance dominated Wes Gordon’s runway at Carolina Herrera on February 14th with short ruffled dresses in striking crimson and long tails in shades of pink, right in the Valentine’s Day theme.

The collection by Wes Gordon presented a colour palette of deep reds, purples, blues, pinks and yellows, which brought dramatic silhouettes back in long dresses and party dresses of various lengths, adorned with big bows or voluminous sleeves.

There were also tailored pants ensembles designed to represent a confident woman. Gordon also used shades of black and white to contrast with the bright tones. He said that for this Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection, he wanted to include themes of brave and confident women and prioritized making “something special and something full of love.”

“The Carolina Herrera woman is looking for epic clothes,” he said, “strong clothes for strong women.”

The collection debuted a wide variety of mid-length dresses with plunging necklines or dramatic, flared silhouettes along with elegant mini-dresses, some with colourful floral prints.

In addition, there were linear and fitted silhouettes. In addition, the use of tulle was a key aspect throughout the runway show and other trends, such as floral print and bows. “This season’s silhouettes are markedly linear and fitted, but of exuberance, such as an undulating waterfall, a huge sleeve or a revelation of colour at the hem,” explained the brand on its Instagram page.

All in all, this new Carolina Herrera collection was a combination of everyday designs with big, iconic dresses that we will see on upcoming red carpets. A palette of whites, blacks and greys combined with the most striking and vivid colours.