Chanel Heads to Monte-Carlo Beach, Monaco for Its Cruise 2023 Fashion Show

From Paris to the Riviera, CHANEL heads to Monte-Carlo for the Cruise 2022-23 collection by Virginie Viard.

Chanel unveils its Cruise ’22/23 collection, which promises a beautiful trip to Monaco. The brand’s current creative director Virginie Viard has paid an ode to the late Karl Lagerfeld and his legacy, drawing inspiration from him and his vacation villa in Monaco.

Located at the Beach Hotel with a breathtaking view of Karl’s villa, La Vigie, the show has left guests in awe.

Among these iconic sources of inspiration, Monte Carlo holds a special place. Its ties with Chanel began in the 1910s when Gabrielle Chanel discovered the Principality of Monaco and the surrounding region. Then, it was trengthened by Karl Lagerfeld from the 1980s onwards. Monte-Carlo’s iconic institutions, such as the Casino and the Grand Prix, also have added a playful and interesting mix to the runway show.

The Chanel Cruise 22/23 collection has featured ready-to-wear solid-coloured jumpsuits, dreamy chiffon dresses and ruffles, and matching ensembles, which have been made from Chanel’s signature tweed.

The collection has also offered shirt dress bags designed like tennis rackets and bright swimsuits that take a fresh approach in the form of asymmetrical black skirts or draped dresses.

“The first time I saw Caroline was on the beach in Monaco. She was wearing a draped black dress, very thin stockings and heels. Monaco is inherent to the history of CHANEL. We have lived many happy moments there,” recalled creative director Virginie Viard when speaking to the press.

She also said, “For me, Monaco is about feelings above all else. It’s Karl, Caroline and Charlotte. I knew very early on that we would do a show there, and more specifically at the Beach Hotel.”

And she shared one of his most personal memories: “Besides, Karl dreamed about it. From this magnificent location, you can catch a glimpse of his villa, La Vigie. I will never forget the moments I spent there: terraces and balconies, big umbrellas, flower baskets… so much beauty.” So, the show travelled to the Beach Hotel and its cinematic beauty.

Today, through the Chanel Cruise 2022/23 collection, Virginie Viard is reviving the Riviera spirit of freedom and sophistication that perfectly reflects the idea of a fashion anchored in modernity. She has also been able to turn Karl’s heritage, his most personal memories and his inner style into a beautiful collection. It has been a family story, full of emotions.

See some of the highlights of the show below.