All The Looks From The Cult Gaia Resort 2024 Collection

Launched in 2012, Cult Gaia, the brand founded by Jasmin Larian Hekmat, held its first official fashion show in Los Angeles on November 14.

Cult Gaia Resort 2024.

Fashion brand Cult Gaia unveiled its recently concluded Resort 2024 runway show in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Pioneered by Jasmin Larian Hekmat, a Los Angeles native, Cult Gaia encompassed captivating fashion designs inspired by femininity, Mother Earth, and the natural world. The highly anticipated event attracted prominent figures from the fashion industry.

The Cult Gaia Resort 2024 collection, aptly named “Under the Sun,” exuded warmth and highlighted the joyous and creative spirit associated with the largest star in our universe. It embraced the essence of summer. The runway shone with models showcasing bikinis complemented by oversized totes and sculptural forms crafted from Raffia. Each garment oozed artistic elegance, with straw hats and raffia embroidery as exquisite embellishments. The collection playfully integrated colours, shapes, and textures influenced by the natural elements found on the beaches and walls of St. Tropez.

Immersed under the azure Los Angeles sky, the fashion show dazzled with an all-yellow set-up inspired by the vibrant energy of Saint Tropez. The 200 guests, including a large community of influencers and notable figures such as Marta Pozzan, Jenna Dewan, Shay Mitchell, model Chrissy Teigen, along with her husband John Legend, and stylist Maeve Reilly, were treated to a visual feast. The show brought together celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, and influencers who eagerly awaited the unveiling of the resort collection.

Hekmat’s resort collection showcased her signature silhouettes, ranging from evening gowns in lamé to dresses adorned with trains, frills, bangs, and feathers. The colour palette spanned from vivid yellows and lime greens to coral and ocean blues, creating a harmonious fusion of hues reminiscent of the natural world. Crochet dresses and flower petal motifs added another dimension to the collection, along with swimsuits that effortlessly blended style and functionality. Notably, voluminous raffia dresses added a touch of drama and sophistication to the runway.

Cult Gaia Resort 2024.

Drawing inspiration from the raw beauty of nature, the Cult Gaia Resort 2024 collection seamlessly brought together fluid silhouettes with architectural influences. The result was a breathtaking ensemble that captivated the audience with its edginess and sophistication. Each garment reflected impeccable attention to detail, with intricate embellishments, delicate draping, and sculptural shapes charismatically adorning every creation.

Cult Gaia Resort 2024.

“The Resort ‘24 collection draws inspiration from the warm, blissful feeling of being under the sun and the color of joy and creation, yellow,” said Hekmat. “The collection is a playful blend of color, shape, and texture inspired by the natural elements found on the beaches and walls of Saint Tropez. Our muse glows under the sun by day and glistens under the moon by night, living ‘la vie en Gaia’.”

The collection also featured timeless accessories, including the brand’s renowned “ark bag.” Crafted in a semi-circle shape from bamboo, this iconic bag gained popularity. However, it also attracted controversy as Cult Gaia faced a lawsuit from the Steve Madden brand, who accused them of copying its design. Despite Hekmat’s attempts to trademark the design, the judges regarded it as inspiration from a traditional Japanese bag rather than a unique creation.

Cult Gaia Resort 2024.

The Cult Gaia Resort 2024 collection fashion show unveiled a mesmerizing display of modern elegance and artistry. Jasmin Larian Hekmat’s label continues to bewitch the fashion world’s natural inspiration, femininity, and creative vision. The collection’s fusion of colours, shapes, and textures sculpted from nature’s elements showcased Cult Gaia’s ability to push boundaries within the realm of resort wear fashion. From the confident models to the effortlessly stylish ensembles, the show served as a testament to Cult Gaia’s unique aesthetic and captivating designs.