Jacquemus Presents a Bridal Fashion Show for its Autumn-Winter 2022-2023 Collection.

The designer from Provence once again demonstrated his greatness in a romantic collection that previews the trends of the coming autumn/winter.

Models walking for Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2023 show.

Creative director Simon Porte Jacquemus transports his namesake house to a stunning new runway location for the house’s latest collection. Jacquemus runways never fail to deliver a large dose of aesthetic pleasure, and this season was no exception.

This season, the young designer presented his latest collection among the salt mountains of Camargue Park in Jacquemus’ hometown in the south of France. The models descended one by one from the top of the sun-bleached mountains until they were at eye level with the show’s guests.

“The last collections were very Pop,” wrote designer Simon Porte Jacquemus in a recent Instagram story, “now I’m back to something more poetic.”

Courtesy of Jacquemus

Entitled “Le Papier,” the show presented exactly what its name preluded: a new page in the Jacquemus book.

The simplicity and elegance of the house prevailed in this collection full of romantic veils, sheer white gloves and bursts of tulle reminiscent of voluminous wedding dresses. Colours morphed into black, blue, beige, ivory and khaki, adding a touch of contrast to the uniform white look. From cargo pants for men to delicate dresses for women, the looks were a true reinvention of elegance for Jacquemus. Loose silhouettes created liberating energy for the show, with standout strappy necklines and a glimpse of the new Humara sneaker in collaboration with Nike that was unveiled in the sandy hills of France.

Models at backstage of Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2023

The designer said, “I started working on the collection with the obsession to restart from nothing, like a white page.” With 61 looks, these pages soon filled up and the collections presented were a huge success.

The collection depicted pure white tone pieces paying homage to Simon Porte Jacquemus’ childhood. Travelling back in time, the designer took us back to Provence’s central colours and fabrics, to a bygone era, to the memories of his grandmother Liline and their shared nostalgic passion for things of the past.

Models walking at backstage of Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2023

The theme of the Le Papier exhibition on French paper was white. The chalk paint used by the designers was not just a trend but had a broader meaning, associated with the concept of a blank sheet of paper, symbolizing a new life that can be written and dyed.

This collection emphasizes oversize volumes created by white tulle on the side of a skirt, fitted dresses with original cuts and thick fur coats.

Among the guests attending the show, international celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Vincent Cassel, Nathy Peluso and Tina Kunaki had a front-row seat to Simon Porter’s work. Some top models, from Vittoria Ceretti to Jill Kortleve, wore interesting looks with unusual volumes and overlays.

Tina Kunakey y Vincent Cassel at Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2023 Show.