The Kardashian’s Season 2 is Coming & Here’s All You Need to Know About it

From Kim’s blossoming romance with Pete to Kourtney’s limelight free wedding, season 2 of the series looks to once again bring back the typical Kardashian drama.

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson

It’s going to be even easier to keep up with the Kardashians once they return to television.

The famed family wrapped up their long-running E! reality show in June 2021 after 14 years on the air. 

It was announced in December 2020 that they had signed a new deal with Hulu to produce content for the Disney-owned streamer, but details on their potential projects were kept relatively under wraps.

The first season of the reality series came to an end in June with somewhat of a cliff-hanger, and with a blank screen reading the words, “To Be Continued…”, a whole new instalment of drama is hotly anticipated.

Now, we have a trailer and a bunch of clues suggesting what we can expect from season two, and suffice to say it’ll be spicy.

Ahead of the premiere, here’s everything you need to know about Hulu’s “The Kardashians.”

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We can expect plenty of new things but what we can unfold is that the wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Marker will be shown. As it is already known, the couple got married in Italy this year. We saw some viral images of the Kardashian family in full Dolce & Gabbana ensembles scattered across global media. Nevertheless, there has been some kind of ‘I need more images; I need more info about this wedding’ (isn’t it?). We didn’t get much intel from inside the ceremony – So, expect season two to deliver the goods of that moment.

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“I think (the wedding is) something that we’ll tease and say you have to tune in.” said Kris Jenner to the press.

“It’s going to be amazing, that much I know. Everyone’s gonna want to tune it.” She added.

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Besides, looking at daily headlines, the family has been dealing with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, an embarrassing love scandal and a medical crisis just to name a few things expected to also be shown this new season.

Moreover, a trailer for the second season has also been released, which revealed several other plotlines, including the birth of Kylie Jenner’s second baby, Kendall Jenner’s aversion to having a baby) and the family’s attending the Met Gala event this year.

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We will have a few new faces being part of the new season, especially Pete Davidson. He will be a main character in season two who will have a closer relationship with Kim.

Courtesy of Getty Images.
Courtesy of Getty Images.

Another possible addition to the cast will be Kylie Jenner’s newborn son, originally named Wolf Webster, after welcoming him in February. However, the name is not confirmed yet since Kylie has retracted the name and thus, we will have to wait for the family to reveal the name in season two.

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The Kardashians season 2 premieres on Thursday, September 22 on Hulu. And, as expected, single episodes will be released every Thursday on the platform.

However, in the UK, The Kardashians season 2 will be released on Thursday, September 22 on Disney Plus. And, as expected, single episodes will be released every Thursday on the platform.