Key Looks from PFW Men’s F/W 2024

Menswear fashion season is back!

Loewe Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.

Paris Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2024 has recently concluded, leaving behind a legacy of innovation, cultural exploration, and artistic expression. The autumn/winter collections unveiled during Men’s Paris Fashion Week featured an abundance of streamlined tailoring, placing a strong emphasis on practicality and wearability.

The event itself served as a powerful testament to the limitless creative potential and cultural amalgamation within the fashion industry. Designers, each with their distinctive viewpoints, dared to challenge norms, pushing the boundaries and crafting new narratives. This edition stands out as a memorable journey, seamlessly blending the realms of fashion, art, and culture. As we reflect on the highlights, excitement brews for the next season, eagerly speculating about the paths these visionary designers will tread.

Noteworthy moments from the week include Pharrell Williams’ Western-inspired Louis Vuitton presentation and Kim Jones’ poignant tribute to ballet luminary Rudolf Nureyev at Dior. These instances underscored the immense diversity and ingenuity prevalent in the fashion world.

Now, let’s delve into a comprehensive roundup of the standout moments from Men’s Paris Fashion Week.


Givenchy’s first runway show since the departure of Matthew M Williams unfolded in the historic haute couture salon in Hôtel de Caraman. The collection, designed by an in-house team, paid homage to the duality of Hubert de Givenchy’s public and personal wardrobes. Eclectic offerings included cat-adorned vest tops, synthetic hair fronds, and sculptural hats. Tailoring, often double-breasted and narrow in silhouette, remained a constant, leaving the audience intrigued about the future creative direction of the house.

Givenchy Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.


Pharrell Williams took Louis Vuitton to the Wild West in an ode to the American cowboy. The show, set in Paris’ Bois de Boulogne, featured denim chaps, cowboy hats, and Western-style shirts with pearl and sequin adornments. Williams aimed to broaden the vision of the cowboy trope, collaborating with artists from the Dakota and Lakota nations. The collection incorporated Native American designs on Louis Vuitton’s iconic pieces, creating a visual and cultural exchange.

Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.


The latest Prada’s Fall-Winter 2024 menswear collection beautifully captures the essence of our innate emotional connection to the familiar and the cycles of nature. It goes beyond mere fashion, offering a genuine reflection of the environment and the changing seasons, emphasizing the authenticity of the outdoors. The designs evoke a desire to venture outside, embracing the world in its raw and natural state. In a society increasingly immersed in artificial realities, the clothes serve as a refreshing ode to the genuine experiences and emotions tied to the ever-changing beauty of the world around us.

Prada Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.


Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe collection drew inspiration from Los Angeles-based artist Richard Hawkins, creating a visual spectacle with a mood of irreverence and youth. The collection featured oversized leather cargo pants, checkered shirts, and sweatpants adorned with Hawkins’ vibrant collages. Anderson’s exploration of the idea of collage reflected the way modern life has become a continuous stream of algorithmic images, offering an exciting and dynamic perspective on fashion.

Loewe Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.


Véronique Nichanian’s three-decade-long tenure at Hermès continued to captivate with a focus on creating garments that please both visually and physically. The menswear show showcased a range of outerwear options, from shearling-lined leather parkas to shorter peacoats adorned with playful utility pockets. The collection also featured a melange of knitwear, layered and adorned with painterly prints. Hermès’ signature accessories, including spacious carry-alls and textured bags, added a final touch of seduction to the collection.

Hermès Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.


Kim Jones presented one of his strongest outings for Dior, inspired by the Soviet-born ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Divided into ready-to-wear and couture, the collection explored the contrasts within the house of Dior, from backstage to onstage. Twisting turbans, wide-tailored shorts, and fluid tailoring showcased a harmonious meeting of the dancer’s style with the Dior archive. The couture looks, presented on a rotating platform, were theatrical expressions of Jones’ vision, capturing the essence of Nureyev’s legendary dance to freedom.

Dior Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.


Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative force behind Valentino, showcased a menswear collection that delved into contemporary manhood through the lens of colour. The ornate salons of Paris’ Monnaie de Paris served as the backdrop for the show, bathed in breezy sky blue. Piccioli aimed to resignify the colour traditionally associated with femininity, presenting it as something fluid. The collection featured softer lines and embellishments, reimagining classic menswear garments with a touch of haute couture influence.

Valentino Fall-Winter 2024 Menswear.