See The Boldest Makeup Trends Spotted At NYFW

New York Fashion Week is a synonym of glamorous makeup trends!

Courtesy of LaQuan Smith Spring-Summer 2024.

Step into the enchanting realm of fashion, where the realms of opulence and boundless imagination collide in a dazzling spectacle. With the grand finale of the much-anticipated New York Fashion Week, we find ourselves immersed in an endless tapestry of runway creations that beckon with allure and intrigue.

The Spring-Summer 2024 collection unveiled a mesmerizing array of styles, transporting us from the realms of ethereal daydreams to the cutting edge of bold deconstruction. However, our fascination extends beyond the exquisite garments themselves.

The captivating makeup trends that graced the runway have left an indelible mark, imprinting their influence on the TikTok community and revered icons of the entertainment world. Within this collection lies a veritable treasure trove of trends, a feast for beauty connoisseurs. From the artful subtlety of natural looks to the audacious frontiers of avant-garde abstracts, the spectrum of possibilities is as vast as it is mesmerizing.

Are you prepared to embark on a journey to uncover the top seven must-try makeup trends that left an indelible impression at New York Fashion Week? Join us as we plunge headfirst into this captivating voyage of beauty and innovation!


While the timeless allure of a no-makeup makeup look continues to captivate beauty enthusiasts, there’s an exciting new twist on the horizon. The latest trend involves incorporating a daring burst of colour into your natural aesthetic. This unexpected addition can manifest itself in various ways, from vibrant eyeshadows taking centre stage on the Helmut Lang runway to the lips becoming a canvas for artistic expression in Sami Miro’s visionary concept. Imagine daring shades of electric blue, fiery red, or captivating hues that contrast beautifully with your skin tone.

Whether you’re accentuating your eyes or making a bold statement with your lips, this trend allows you to flaunt your individuality and showcase your inner creativity. Picture yourself with eyes accentuated by a mesmerizing wash of brilliant colour or sporting lips that command attention with their striking, vibrant hue.

Helmut Lang Spring 2024.


Jason Wu’s beauty vision for this season was a mesmerizing voyage into the world of shipwrecks, effortlessly steering fashion straight into the enchanting realm of Mermaidcore. The makeup and hair look he crafted for his models transported them to a place where the sea’s mysteries and allure meet the elegance of high fashion.

Jason Wu Spring 2024.


As the allure of matte lips gradually fades, a new trend is taking the beauty world by storm – glowing, luscious lips. This season, instead of opting for the traditional matte finish, embrace glossy lips that add a radiant, youthful, and plump effect to your pout. Channel the hottest runway looks and take inspiration from Kim Shui or Prabal Gurung’s models who rocked this makeup look, perfectly encapsulating the high-shine lip trend.

LaQuan Smith Spring 2024.


In the vibrant world of Spring 2024 fashion, designers like Laquan Smith and Alice + Olivia are setting the trend by giving the classic cat-eye makeup a seductive and sophisticated twist. New York Fashion Week was ablaze with creativity as makeup artists experimented with unconventional eyeliner shapes, offering a fresh take on beauty. This season, the cat-eye makeup look has been elevated to an art form. Laquan Smith and Alice + Olivia, renowned for their cutting-edge designs, have ingeniously reimagined this iconic style, making it the must-have beauty trend of the season.

LaQuan Smith Spring 2024.


Experience the alluring beauty fad that has taken the world by storm! Ever heard of the no-makeup makeup look? If not, then it’s time to add it to your beauty repertoire. This makeup trend has been the rage since 2020, and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2021!

With numerous designers choosing to steer their runway looks towards minimalism, fresh-faced styles, and glowing skin, the no-makeup makeup look has become an irresistible force. Dion Lee and Proenza Schouler are renowned designers who chose to incorporate the barely-there aesthetic onto their runway shows, leaving everyone in awe of the effortless freshness achieved. The no-makeup trend often includes an array of neutral hues, light coverage foundation, cream blush, moisturizing lip balm, and well-groomed eyebrows, delivering a radiant and natural glow that’s perfect for any setting. If you’re seeking a way to attain a radiant and polished look without the hassle, give the no-makeup makeup look a try – you won’t regret it!

Proenza Schouler Spring 2024.