Max Mara Presents a Captivating Tale at the Resort 2024 Fashion Show

The show took place in the gigantic Blue Room, the annual venue for the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Courtesy of Max Mara.

Max Mara made history by presenting their first Resort 2024 fashion show in Stockholm’s town hall, showcasing a collection that blended Italian luxury and craftsmanship with Swedish folklore and magic. The collection was designed for the modern cosmopolitan woman, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian culture.

“I think there will be a huge interest in Scandinavia and its contribution to art, design, culture and its majestic landscapes. And for its magical folk and fairy conversations – Peer Gynt, trolls, giants and sorceresses. It is a culture that allows Max Mara to explore new territories,” Griffiths emphasized.

The show took place in the Blue Room, a grand venue that hosts the Nobel Prize award ceremony every year. Ian Griffiths, the creative director of Max Mara, was inspired by the clothing worn by Ibsen’s heroines as they fought against the strict societal norms of their time. The location itself was enveloped by the spirit of Selma Lagerlöf, a 19th-century Swedish writer who championed feminist progress and social change and was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize. It was the perfect setting for a collection that celebrated the strength and resilience of women.

Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection – Details.
Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection – Details.

“Another strong influence is the traditional celebration of the summer solstice, hence the name of the collection: Septem Flores. The solstice celebrates the summer season, with a strong emphasis on its abundant flora. One tradition is the gathering of seven different types of wildflowers: whoever is lucky enough to find one of each type must sleep with them under their pillow to dream of their future love.” – By Max Mara.

Max Mara drew inspiration from Stockholm’s City Hall, a stunning architectural masterpiece renowned for hosting the Nobel Prize banquet. Built in the early 20th century, the building is a fusion of Italian Renaissance, Swedish Baroque, and National Romantic styles.

Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection – Backstage.

The designer saw many similarities between Swedish design and Max Mara’s approach to fashion, emphasizing accessibility and wearability for everyone. Ian Griffiths, the creative director of Max Mara, wove a captivating narrative for the collection, drawing on Scandinavian folklore, historical figures, and the progressive spirit of the region. The resulting collection was a refined and feminine blend of modernity and tradition, showcasing the brand’s ability to tell compelling stories through fashion.

Ian Griffiths, the creative director of Max Mara, paid tribute to the brand’s legacy by drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources. His narrative celebrated the gender-equitable plundering of the Vikings and featured references to Queen Christina of Sweden, a controversial figure in history, and the strong female characters of playwright Ibsen.

The collection was a stunning display of folkloric details, from cozy Fair Isle snowflakes on woven ponchos to pagan-inspired paper floral wreaths. Pom-pom embellished drawstring belts and fringed tassels added playful touches to the brand’s signature cashmere coats and tailored jackets.

Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection.
Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection.

Max Mara’s Resort 2024 collection was a fusion of styles, featuring everything from Pre-Raphaelite-inspired off-the-shoulder dresses to sleek modern silhouettes. Romantic touches like gathered tights, voluminous sleeves, and skirts were balanced by modern elements like fitted vests, pants, silk shirts, and boxer shorts paired with elevated flat boots. The collection also included contemporary pieces like bomber jackets and sequin plaid sweatshirts with mohair fringe, showcasing the brand’s versatility and ability to blend different styles seamlessly.

Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection.
Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection.
Courtesy of Max Mara 2024 Collection.

Ian Griffiths reimagined traditional folkloric elements like flower crowns, floral prints, and gowns by giving them a minimalist, monochromatic, and linear treatment that was in line with the modern Scandinavian aesthetic. The collection featured a cream and black colour palette that kept the look fresh and contemporary. Simple sporty pieces like floral embroidered briefs, sheer vaporous shirts, and loose-fitting dresses added to the modern vibe of the collection. Overall, Griffiths stripped away the kitsch from these traditional elements, creating a collection that was both timeless and on-trend. “I always try to bring a certain desire to be effortless. There’s something about Max Mara, which allows you to put something on and then forget about it,” the designer explained.

The show ended with a series of embroidered and light and fluttering wildflower print pieces that signaled the brand’s desire to offer elegant evening options alongside its unique coats and tailoring.

“I think the overall direction is more designer content, but without ever abandoning the wearability or rigor of Max Mara,” Griffiths said. “And there’s the fact that you can take any piece from any collection, and you should be able to wear it five years from now or 10 years from now.”

Celebrities like Lily Collins, Amy Adams, Demi Moore, Kiernan Shipka, Katy and Nicky Hilton attended the Max Mara Resort 2024 to witness the runway show.

Celebrities at the Max Mara Resort 2024 collection.