Explore Moschino Spring/Summer 2023 Collection by Jeremy Scott

The Italian luxury brand presented its Spring-Summer 2023 collection in Milan, paying special tribute to the work of influential but artist Tony Viramontes.

For Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2023 menswear show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, creative director Jeremy Scott developed an ode to the late artist Tony Viramontes. Embedded in Moschino’s penchant for the bright and the bold, the special range pays homage to the iconic work and iconoclastic approach of the illustrator and fashion photographer.

I wanted to shine a light on this brilliant creator,” said Jeremy Scott. “He may not be a household name, but Tony Viramontes is a force.”

Working with the estate of Viramontes, Scott captured the patterns, faces and figures of the artist’s work to create pop-colored clothing. Specifically, the works were drawn from Tony Viramontes’ contributions to The face 80s Buffalo-style magazine and movement led by Ray Petri, an inspiration for Scott.

Moschino Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Tony Viramontes’ work is synonymous with firm brush strokes that form a human face or silhouette. Tony Viramontes’ brush strokes are also decorated with bright colours to depict a timeless and classy fashion.

The iconic brush strokes from Tony Viramontes were applied by Jeremy Scott to various clothes in this collection, from tailored suits, and hoodies, to leather jackets. Although inspired by the artist, Jeremy Scott still incorporated his trademark by combining bright colours to design an eccentric two-tone outfit. This painting accent made Jeremy Scott’s menswear collection look more playful and cute. This is once again proof that art and fashion can always be a combination that never fails.

Behind the scenes at Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2023 Menswear Collection

For this season, Jeremy Scott reimagined and reinvented (as he does every time), dressing his men in skirts to make them more masculine and presenting a story of catastrophic art. The real warriors of the painted world, Jeremy Scott’s men, walked the runway in colourful “uniforms” like a truly Jeremy Scott’s army. Finally, true generals are ready to face violence, war crimes and destruction.

Behind the scenes at Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2023 Menswear Collection

The balance between realism, courage and camp is expressed in the form of abstract faces that cover Moschino’s iconic shapes and silhouettes. The SS23 is built on striking squiggles and expressive strokes with plays of length and height on shorts, pleated sketches, sarongs, pants and slacks. While an expert assemblage of tailoring was brought in by the selection of blazers, suits and overcoats that made their way onto the runway. With sport jackets, shorts and combat boots delivering the sense of pop associated with Jeremy Scott and Moschino.

Moschino Spring-Summer2023 Collection

The collection itself showcased pieces in abstract images, bright yet slightly attenuated colours, striking squiggles, and expressive strokes, which covered signature Moschino shapes and new silhouettes. The brand also played with length and height, everything from long to short shorts, pleated skirts to sarongs, tapered pants to roomier trousers. While tailoring was brought by the selection of blazers, suits and topcoats that made their way down the runway. With sportcoats, shorts and combat boots delivered the sense of pop associated with Jeremy Scott and Moschino, creating a modern and mixed vernacular look.