Schiaparelli Recreates Elsa Schiaparelli’s Style for its FW22-23’ HC Collection

At Schiaparelli’s Fall/Winter 2022 haute couture show, creative director Daniel Roseberry asks: “what’s wrong with wanting to make beautiful things?”

Courtesy of Schiaparelli

Paris Fashion Week celebrates the returning of SCHIAPARELLI. For this Fall-Winter 2022-2023 Haute Couture collection, the Maison returned to the runways with extravagant and incredible clothing items, making the collection an Art & Fashion masterpiece. Unveiled at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the collection combined glamour, softness, creativity, art, and of course, fashion. An exhibition dedicated to Elsa Shiaparelli, titled “Shocking! The Surreal World of Elsa Shiaparelli.” was presented on same day.

Creative Director, Daniel Roseberry was inspired by “the way Elsa dressed,”, the luxury of Christian Lacroix‘s 1987 debut, and some of the mature floral arrangements were inspired by designer and social icon Carolyne Roehm‘s book “A Passion for Flowers”.

For Roseberry fashion is an important aspect in life and expressed that making truly beautiful things isn’t easy. He admits fashion is silly at times, but he also states it’s provocative, upending, challenging, and meaningful, as well as breathtaking and beautiful.

Backstage at Schiaparelli FW22-23’ Haute Couture Collection.

In recent years, though, it’s felt like fashion has tried its hardest to prove it actually isn’t silly. The pressure designers feel to make a statement about the current political situation, our ongoing climatic disaster, the inequalities among people of different races and genders, and an age of war has in fact led to some extraordinary work, not to mention a reengagement of our industry with the broader culture.” – Daniel Roseberry.

I always talk about trying to achieve that state of creative innocence—of fighting tostay close to that person who fell in love with fashion and its possibilities, of not succumbing to cynicism or world-weariness,” Roseberry said.

Schiaparelli FW22-23’ Haute Couture Collection

The collection itself featured corseted velvet corsets, bias-cut dresses supported by threads, asymmetrical silk pajamas revealing breasts, flowing flowers emerging from the neckline or shoulders, exaggerated canopies, paintings Hat and hay shawl.

“I hope that spirit comes through in this collection: I hope people who see it can tell what fun the team and I had making it. I hope the joy we felt, of creating things, of getting to make beautiful objects that people will always remember, is evident in every coat, dress, and accessory.” Daniel Roseberry.

Schiaparelli FW22-23’ Haute Couture Collection

The neckline of a black velvet jacket cut into a face’s profile and the encrusted Lesage embroidery that she relished in were modest tributes to Elsa Schiaparelli’s own Magical realist inspirations. A pair of earrings dripping bunches of golden grapes and so heavy that they had to be tied with a delicate tiara hair band brought a simple black velvet evening dress that appeared like one of Roseberry’s dramatic design sketches to life into Schiap’s zany universe. Peace doves are being delivered to the collection in 2022.

Check out some looks from Schiaparelli FW22-23 Haute Couture Collection.

Schiaparelli FW22-23’ Haute Couture Collection
Schiaparelli FW22-23’ Haute Couture Collection
Schiaparelli FW22-23’ Haute Couture Collection