The 8 Biggest Hair Colours for 2022

Keep reading this article to have a look at the 8 hair colours that experts say will be everywhere in 2022.

When it comes to style and expressing ourselves, our haircuts, hairstyles and hair colours are an obvious way we show the world who we are and what we like. As hairstylist Alexander Von Trentini said “hair trends are worth paying attention to if you’re someone who likes to play around with new styles,” 

He added, “while it’s important to know what type of person you are and what you are comfortable with, trying out trendy styles can be fun.” 

“Trends should be used to get inspiration in the short term and to reinvent yourself over and over again.” He continued. 

2021 has certainly been a year where people expressed their styles in many ways. As regards haircut styles, it seems like there was from classic, long, and healthy layers to a modern mullet coming into fashion. Moreover, the ‘70s, ‘90s and early 2000s were also seen present in teenagers, adolescents, adults and of course, celebrities. 

As regards hair colour, some of us have already experimented with platinum blonde hair (as worn by Marilyn Monroe), Cindy Crawford’s legendary hair colour or the more flattering auburn shade. But if you’re in your comfort zone, you’ve had the same shade of hair for a long time, and you think it’s time for a change, here are our 8 top hair colour trends for 2022.

Honey blonde hair: This colour hairstyle looks as sweet as honey and is the ideal cool-meets-warm colour with its lightauburn and blond balayage tones.

Shiraz red – 24’: Intense fire-coloured red hair will be one of this season’s trends. Starting from this base, it is possible to add oranges to create a striking and original effect.

Ice blue: These super romantic and fantasy shades jump from the trendiest garments to become the most fashionable hair colour.

Creamy Blonde Hair Colour: Those who want to change their look but still want to show off their natural hair can simply opt for creamy blonde hair colour.

Violet-Pink Hair Colour: many people have taken on the task of experimenting with their hair in a myriad of ways in pastel shades. In 2022 they are here to stay. Now if you want to take a little more risk without dying all your hair, we recommend choosing pastel highlights.

Cinnamon Hair Colour: An alternative to look glamorous and stylish is the “Cinnamon Hair Colour”. The colour is called cinnamon due to its beautiful deep red with rich brown tones. In some lights, it looks brunette, but when the light hits right, you can see the rich auburn throughout.

Black Espresso: for those with a darker base, the colour of the season is black espresso, a very shiny black in different intensities of tone.

Silver Hair: Silver hair is nowadays a trend in girls and boys. Teenagers and adults take a risk and go for silver looks. This colour will blend perfectly with the winter chills.