The Most Epic Spring/Summer Runway Fashion Show Trends of 2022

All you have to see from the upcoming Spring-Summer 2022 collections, from New York City to London, Milan and the magical Paris. Let’s take a look at the greatest moments from the shows.

The concept of a traditional fashion week has not been possible for the last 18 months and the past three fashion seasons because of COVID-19 pandemic and social restrictions. As a result, lots of designers have not been able to host in-face catwalk shows and they had to find other alternatives to show their collections to the public, turning their presentations into digital formats. This concept was considered as a way of “forgoing” the idea altogether. However, it is believed that more designers and fashion houses will be able to unveil their collections in an in-person show from now on. In addition, it is considered that a loosening of restrictions in the four major fashion capitals will allow fashion week to take place in a physical setting, where plenty of designers would return to the runway for the first time since March 2020.

Although schedules are not still back to “normal”, we might have the opportunity to appreciate some fashion shows. It was in September that the Met Gala mega event first took place in New York, then in London, Milan and Paris.

Below, we sum up every major runway show moment you can’t miss from these four fashion capitals as worldwide designers present their Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

Miu Miu

Creative Director Miuccia Prada unveiled his Spring/Summer 2022 great collection. The concept focused on showing skin and subverting traditionally corporate clothes.

The collection was a reaction to and reflection of reality, an economy, a freshness found in iterations of eternal, universal garments. Moreover, the foundations are classic – trousers, sweaters, shirts, blazers, suits and sheath dresses, absolute archetypes of daily dresses.

Bottega Veneta

Creative Director Daniel Lee showed his Spring/Summer 2022 collection runway in the Motor City’s Michigan Theater, a fancy place built in the 20’s. The Director says that he loves Detroit because it reminds him of his hometown of Leeds. “I’m obsessed with Detroit,” Lee said after the show.

The day’s event included a culture tour with stops at the mid-century Hawkins Ferry House in Grosse Pointe; the world’s first and only techno museum, Exhibition 3000; and the studio of furniture designer Chris Schanck.


Creative Director Alessandro Michele presented his Spring/Summer 2022 collection titled “Nine Letters Dripping With Desire”. It was Hollywood the ultimate destination for the designer, the inner child and Los Angeles as the City of Angels to unleash his Gucci demigods for the collection.

As the models parade down the Boulevard, gowns opulent enough for red carpets, suits ready to be danced in and lingerie ready to be torn-off, created a collection made for the dreamer. It was a cocktail of desire, confidence and waves of extravagant materials.

Alexander McQueen

Creative Director, Sarah Burton, exhibited her Spring/Summer 2022 collection in the East End of London, inspired by the spectacular rolling skies that she and the McQueen team always see from the studio. “There’s that sense that the sky is ever-changing – this constant change that’s uncontrollable. Some days it can be kind of very calm, a very beautiful dappled sky. And then this kind of ferocious sky,” Sarah observed. “And I’ve been thinking about what we’ve all been through: this constant feeling that you don’t know what the next day is going to be. And how you have to just face it with bravery. The fact is, we’re not in control of the situation. Nature is more powerful than us. Sun, rain, storm – whatever comes, you have to just keep going.” The British weather and feeling themes played as important aspects depicted throughout the collection as if on cue.

“I’m interested in immersing myself in the environment which we live and work in London, and in the elements as we experience them each day,” She concluded.