The perfect shoes to wear with baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are no doubt here to stay for 2021-2022. So, wearing them is finding the best shoes to go with them. Here there are some helpful examples of shoe styles that would look amazing to wear with your baggy jeans.

Baggy jeans seem to come straight from the 70s and they came to cause a clash of style with skinny jeans to give our legs a well-deserved rest without neglecting fashion. Without a doubt, its loose silhouette is what has convinced more than one person, since it is an aspect that transforms it into an extremely comfortable and versatile piece. Below we show you which shoe style matches your baggy jean the most.

There are no absolute shoe models for your baggy jeans since each one has got its essence of styling and brings its dynamism to any seasonal outfit. However, do you need the right sneakers to wear baggy jeans? The answer is YES. You will look amazing with the correct shoe wherever you go.

According to recent fashion week runways, baggy jeans will be the only clothing item we will wear in 2022. Therefore, shoes come to play a fundamental role since they can elevate or leave you with an unappealing look. To prevent the previously mentioned aspect, we prepare a selective guide of designs to create an absolute and incredible look in a couple of minutes.

What are the best shoes to pair with baggy jeans?

Supermodel Bella Hadid sports a completely oversized look. She wears jean-jean and complements her long shirt look with baggy jeans and square toe heels.

If you want to keep your style without making your outfit too relaxed, choose sandals that have a square toe. It will help you break the loose structure of these jeans and give you a touch of a sexy stud.

Actress Katie Holmes shows you how to combine super baggy jeans with a semi-open toe-length blazer, sunglasses, and triangle-toe boots.

Mona Tougaard wears baggy jeans in two tones and a loose shirt also in two tones and complements it with black converse sneakers.

In this case, tennis shoes are also the perfect option to combine with, even more so if you are a creative person and want to play with combinations of colour or textures.

Gigi Hadid in New York wearing baggy ripped jeans with a checkered brown shirt, a black halter neck blouse and medium-heeled shoes.

You will find a feminine look, with an air of fashion insider and, in addition, extremely comfortable.