Top 2023 Haircut Trends Put a Modern Spin on the Classics

Here are the top hairstyles which have captured the red carpets and runways.

Saint Laurent Fall-Winter 2023/24

The phrase “new year, new me,” means something different to everyone. If it inspires you to switch up your hair look or even go for a big, dramatic chop, you’ve come to the right place. In past pandemic-filled years, we’ve been drawn to the more subtle switch-ups, like a few highlights here or there, and a little trim of your ends. But according to hairstylist Xavier Velasquez, 2023 hair trends will have a maximalist approach. In other words, more is more, and bigger is definitely better. We’re talkin’ more volume, more length, bigger curls, bigger waves, and bigger colour transformations—so get ready.

While the warmer weather is ideal to be outside with damp hair, the reality is that this year, you have plenty of new options for haircuts and hairstyles to wear, which can be achieved all year round. So, why don’t you try discovering the new trends in haircuts, hairstyles and hair colours? Most of our favourite celebrities, from models, actors, singers, and more, are giving us a peek at the biggest hair trends of 2023 and the spring hair colours you see all over your feed. There are also old hairstyles from last year that are also coming back this year and becoming trendy for the season.

To save you from doing lots of scrolling on social media, we’ve rounded up the biggest spring 2023 hair trends, including tons of celebs’ haircuts, some ‘90s, and the best spring hair accessories to layer on your hair. All these will be helpful to also save you time and make you enjoy the moment when searching for the latest trends.

So, what are we seeing on the trend radar? Keep on reading to explore and discover the 5 hair trends our favourite celebs predict we’ll see everywhere this spring-summer from low-maintenance looks to bold, out-there new ‘dos.


Both Brook and hairstylist Michael Dueñas predict that one-length bob haircuts will be big in the coming year.  Brook notes that this look dominated runways this year, at shows like Ulla Johnson AW ’22. According to Brook this cut differs from other bob haircuts because it has blunt, sharp ends and one length all around that creates fullness and body. This really gives us a peek at the latest must-haves haircut for the season, and this one is definitely a trendy hairstyle for spring 2023. The ‘90s are a huge influence this season, and layers are definitely back. For instance, Zendaya (and many other celebs) have been recently keen on trying this haircut.

Ulla Johnson Autumn-Winter 2023/24


One of the most creative hairstyles are the bows! Anyone will tell you they like a perfect bow and trying it with bow clips or ribbons makes you look chic while exuding the fresh-cool vibes of springtime. Remember, you can also try it with edgy accents, like a loose braid or smudged black eyeliner, for some harder visual interest.

Chet Lo Fall-Winter 2023/24


One of the most stylish, fresh haircut versions is a cross between a pixie, and a mullet, also known as the mixie. If we have to describe it, we can say it is short in the front and side and longer in the back with lots of texture. “This haircut is trending in the new year because of its mix of retro and modern vibes,” says hairstylist Jamie Wiley. “It will be the ‘cool girl’ cut for 2023.” The mixie, a hybrid of a mullet and a pixie haircut, usually sits two to three inches long at the base of the neck. The layers are piecey, which gives movement and texture for a grunge-style look.

Leighanne Pinnock


The ‘90s are back with a vengeance right now. We love ‘90s haircuts and hairstyles. There’s something so pretty about them! And, one of the worldwide known super-versatile “The Rachel” haircuts is back for this spring of 2023. The chippy face-framing layers of the Rachel hairstyle formed one of the most trendsetting hair looks of the ‘90s and continue to influence the outcome of hair appointments worldwide to this day. However, you should also consider that there are plenty of styles from this ‘90s haircut, from short and seamless layers, medium layers, long layers and angles, chunky layers, long angles, soft curls, layered and curly, short and layered, blow out with layers, and more.

Gigi Hadid


One of Spring’s most popular hair trends is back for 2023: The Wet Look. We have seen it on runway shows, red carpets, films, video clips, and everywhere. And now, this incredible hair trend is having a moment again. What’s cool about the wet look is that it is for any girl; it is accessible and, for the most part, easy to do.

PatBo Fall-Winter 2023/24